It's Called You

Ron Weiss

"It’s Called You”

…was recorded live off the floor at Metropolitan Studios in Ottawa with Ottawa musicians Ron Weiss, Alex Mastronardi, Fred Guignion, Arien Villegas and Duncan Gillis. Paul Newman was once asked what was the secret of his long and happy marriage and he replied “why go out for burgers when you can have steak at home”. This new song riffs on Newman’s sentiment.

Perfect is over-rated. This is the 3rd in a series of live-off-the-floor recordings by Weiss with all the soul that live performance owns. Is it perfect? No. Is it real? Yes! Is it gonna warm the cockles of your heart? Oh yeah. And perfect for Valentine’s day. Who knows? It might just be Michael Bublé’s next big hit! (would someone please play it for him?)

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