1. Side By Side

From the recording Arrow & Heart

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Driving down the I-95
Just you and me sitting side by side
Autumn leaves just a treat for our eyes
Easing this Volvo far and wide

Ya we've had our ups and downs
Turns that we thought we would not get around

Side by side
We can take this drive
Start to finish
Just enjoy the ride
Side by side
We can follow this road
Wherever it leads us
I'm happy to go
Side by side

The years have been good to you
I still can't tell if your eyes are green or blue
And if I had any doubts they've been far and few
If we hit any roadblocks we breeze right through

Ya we've had our ups and downs
Words that we thought we might not get around


Though the freezing rain may fall
We'll slip and slide
Or stall
Through this and more we'll do it all