1. Lonely Heart

From the recording Arrow & Heart

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I think I'll ask the sun
If he'll come out today
It's been so grey
It's been so grey
I'm looking for some heat
To start my heart again
Where are you old friend
Where are you my friend

Lonely heart, I’m on a road that never ends
I spin my wheels that's how it feels
Lonely heart, I’m on a reel that never ends
And when I wake there's still that ache

I sometimes feel so weak
It's hard to think and then
I just can't pretend
I just can't pretend
Slippers on my feet
I walk the darkened halls
Me and empty walls
In this empty hall


Like a boomerang come back to me
All the sadness that I've sown
I've paid my penance faithfully
I just want someone to come home to