1. Hold On To You

From the recording Hold On To You

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Recorded at Alex Mastronardi Studio ( @alexmastronardi3053 ) May 22, 2023, Hold On To You is a new and different song for me, writing-wise. It features...of course...me. But also the great contributions of the band - slide and dobro by Fred Guignion, bass and backup vocals by Alex Mastronardi, percussion by Arien Villegas, violin & banjo by Keith Snider and special guest, Mackenzie Di Millo, on backup vocals.

Now, you may have noticed some multiple instrumentalist playing...Keith wore the banjo while also playing violin. As we were packing up, Keith turned to me and said:

"The violin belonged to prominent Toronto Architect Eden Smith and was given to me by his granddaughter. When I received the violin, it had not been out of the case for over 50 years. Eden Smith was a founding member of the Toronto Arts and Letters Club and is credited with designing the stone hearth and mantle of the club's neo-Gothic Great Hall.

Ron, at our recording session, it was such a coincidence that I decided to bring my violin that was made in Toronto by Capt. Thomas Mitchell and owned by Eden Smith and then learn you would be moving to Toronto. When in Toronto, you may enjoy visiting the beautiful Wychwood Park neighborhood, where Eden Smith lived. He designed many of the older historic homes."

Here are a few links about Eden Smith:



You got the reindeer kickin’
By the ice floes
The current is mighty
As she goes
The water calls for indigents and heroes
Mercy and blessings

Tell me something
Something I can do
Give me something
Something I can hold on to
Hold on to you

I’m slippin’ away
Before I wanted to
Our lives laid out before us
Like this mountain view
The footprints of the bailiff are brand new
I am disappearing



There’s a wish list sittin’
By the back door
The only thing missin’
Is you
You’ve been with me from morning to midnight
My beacon and my decoy